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  • Personal Independence Payments: Supreme Court Ruling (23 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: I commend my hon. Friend for the excellent job he is doing and for his statement. He is right that more people with mental health conditions are receiving more support than ever before, but clearly there is more to do. Will he kindly update the House on the progress that is being made on training Department for Work and Pensions staff—not just the PIP assessors, but the people in the...
  • Public Bill Committee: Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill: Examination of Witnesses (23 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: I am going to pass my opportunity over to Alex.
  • Public Bill Committee: Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill: Examination of Witnesses (23 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: Like Trudy, I am sure that having to hear these appalling examples is extremely disturbing for us all. I am curious to know what sentences were meted out for such atrocious crimes. That would help us to appreciate how important our work isQ here today. My question follows on from the discussion we have just had. It strikes me that there are, as Claire said, a lot of similarities with other...
  • Health and Social Care: Strategy and Action Plan: Improving Lives (23 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: What progress has been made on implementing his Department’s strategy and action plan, “Improving lives: the future of work, health and disability”, published in November 2017.
  • Health and Social Care: Strategy and Action Plan: Improving Lives (23 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: I thank the Minister for her really helpful response, and I congratulate her on the fantastic work she has done in her position. Last week, the next Prime Minister announced his intention to look again at the tax treatment of at-work referral health services as a benefit in kind to employees, given how crucial fast access to health and support is to so many people. Will the Secretary of State...
  • Health and Social Care: Topical Questions (23 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: I greatly welcome the publication of the prevention Green Paper. How will that strategy enable people to keep well by living in warm homes?
  • Situation in the Gulf (22 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: I welcome my right hon. Friend’s prescient remarks in recent weeks about the need to expand our naval presence. To help with that, will he ask the Defence Secretary to change the classification of our much-valued Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships to warships, as our allies classify them, so that we can bring forward the building of planned new ships in the UK?
  • Persecution of Christians Overseas (18 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: As the Bishop of Truro’s local MP, I am pleased to be able to speak in this debate in support of his excellent report. It has become a custom in this House to give a voice to the voiceless. This enables us to ground our debate in the real-life experiences of our constituents and draw on their expertise. I want to use the short time I have available today to give voice to the Bishop himself,...
  • Small and Village School Funding (17 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: In areas where there are armed forces personnel, such as my constituency, it can be a real problem if, when they are deployed overseas or sent to different parts of the country, the family moves from a small school. It seems very unfair, when people are serving their country and doing the right thing, that the primary schools are adversely affected in that way.
  • Small and Village School Funding (17 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: I congratulate my hon. Friend on securing the debate. Like his constituency, Cornwall has many village schools. They make sure that our villages survive, because by having the school there, a younger generation of people come into the village, renewing its life. Without those schools, there is a real risk that those villages could become dormitory towns for second homes or for people who have...
  • Written Answers — Ministry of Justice: Working Links (17 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, what steps he is taking to ensure creditors of Working Links are paid for services provided on behalf of the Government.
  • Backbench Business: National Shipbuilding Strategy — [Mr Nigel Evans in the Chair] (11 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: The right hon. Gentleman is making a really good speech, and I congratulate him on securing this debate. I am sorry that duty calls for me to return to Cornwall and that I can only make this intervention and not a speech. I thoroughly agree with him. I am very proud that the Royal Fleet Auxiliary is based in Falmouth. As he says, we have a valuable through-life contract. I wholeheartedly...
  • Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill (Programme): Climate Change, the Environment and Global Development (10 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: My right hon. and learned Friend is making a fantastic speech. Does he agree that we should build on the success of the cycle ambition cities and make sure that that source of funding is available for towns, so that more people can walk and use bikes, including e-bikes, as part of an integrated public transport scheme in towns?
  • Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill (Programme): Climate Change, the Environment and Global Development (10 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: I gently say to the hon. Gentleman that he is rather letting down his side of the House. When the Climate Change Act was passed in 2008, a radical consensus had been forged in this House such that this issue was above party politics. Unlike in other countries where climate change is a party political issue, we are united in this House in wanting to tackle it. It is one thing to have a robust...
  • Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill (Programme): Climate Change, the Environment and Global Development (10 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: My hon. Friend makes an important point about sustainable development and preventing deforestation. Does he agree that we must reach out to countries that we currently have a difficult relationship with—for example, Russia, where we are seeing dramatic deforestation in Siberia that could create untold damage not only to the region, but to the climate?
  • Universal Credit Fraud (10 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: There are people offering help to those applying for benefits in exchange for a cut of what they subsequently receive—sometimes a very big cut. Will my hon. Friend consider outlawing that activity, and consider a public awareness campaign to warn people against this harmful exploitation and to signpost people to free qualified benefits advisers such as Citizens Advice?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (10 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: Due to extreme pressure on services across Cornwall, leaders of our health and care services have declared a critical incident. The pressure has impacted on the Royal Cornwall Hospital in particular. That is extremely worrying for all families across Cornwall who rely on Treliske. Will my right hon. Friend assure me that she will do everything she can to enable Health Ministers to support...
  • Active Travel — [Mr Adrian Bailey in the Chair] (9 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: My hon. Friend is being incredibly generous in giving way, and I congratulate him on securing the debate. Most of the funding the Government make available for infrastructure investment is through the ambitious cities programme, which means that rural areas such as Cornwall and many others cannot access funding for cycling infrastructure. Will he join me in pressing the Minister, as we...
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Probation Reform (9 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: Probation works best when working with local partners. A brilliant charity in my constituency is owed £1,800 as a result of Working Links going into administration. This is a significant sum for the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth. Will the Secretary of State intervene to ensure it is paid for its excellent work?
  • Department for Work and Pensions (2 Jul 2019)
    Sarah Newton: I congratulate the hon. Member for Wirral South (Alison McGovern) on securing this important debate. It is always good to have the opportunity to debate the vital work of the DWP. The hon. Lady set us a really good challenge because—I hope I have got this right—she was basically asking, “What is the DWP for?” She articulated well Beveridge’s aspirations in the creation of the...



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