George Eustice MP Redruth-Camborne

Main voting record and local constituency profile

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7 thoughts on “George Eustice MP Redruth-Camborne

  1. I think as the local MP for Camborne and Redruth that George Eutice needs to meet the local people from in his constituency and see how they are struggling to feed there children and to survive on their income. I am appalled that he even voted for cuts to free school meals, school funding, welfare for the sick, Poor and disabled. Workers pay rights and the Unions as they give support to the lower paid worker. I would like to know how he sleeps at night and does he claim expenses and George is actually a drain on the lower waged persons Tax as they pay his wages a d expenses. Maggie Tennent

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  2. Check Hansard, George Eustice plays the party line, haven’t ever found him thinking outside it. Taking a very dogmatic attitude to the reform of the Drugs Misuse Act 1971. Despite the fact Government experts have advised it is outdated, excessively draconian and isn’t working.


  3. In my letters and emails to George, all my questions to him remain unanswered and instead I have received a glowing resume of the achievements of the Conservative party. NOT dealing with issues, NOT listening to all voters and simply reiterating party policy doesn’t work any more…


  4. George Eustice has never personally rep;ied to my emails. I have only ever got the stock Conservative view on things ,


  5. The new system is fantastic as a single parent my income has slid from 35k to 6k a year in the past 4 months. I can no longer afford to work as child care is well beyond my means. I have been working for the past 15 years without problem. that security has gone. Id like to thank Mr. Eustice properly, but as stated above you only ever receive the bog standard parliamentary letter.


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