This website contains voting records and local constituency profile for all six Cornwall MPs.

The local constituency profile includes information on wages, the house-price-to-salary-ratio, school funding in your area – and more.

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We give sources to facts and data in all the voting records so that voters can check these for themselves. Two of the main sources of information we use are: website. This gives voting records for all MPs

House of Commons Local Constituency Dashboard containing government data on a wide range of issues

Local Constituency Pact

The draft local constituency pact is a code of conduct which you can ask your MP or prospective party candidate to sign. Should your MP or preferred party candidate agree to sign this, get back to us and we will post this on our website and share this as widely as we can so that everyone knows about it.


NOTE: You are free to leave a comment at the bottom of MP Voter Record pages. The policies our MP supported in Parliament may generate strong feelings. However we ask you to restrict your criticisms to the policies themselves, not the person. Abusive comments directed either towards the MP or other commentators will be removed.